Desinged by Dr. Devendra Lingojwar @2007-2019

We provide Molecular Biology based research projects for final year students of Biotechnology and Life Sciences for all the science and engineering degrees. We provide facility to work on all forms of life where DNA exists and can be isolated with standard protocols and in all the direction to explore your power of ideas in molecular biology.

Dr. Devendra Lingojwar and his team with various scientist from his collaborations are providing comprehensive guidance and opportunities to work on following areas with the vision of let's do it together for budding scientist in following areas: 

1. Human Genetics and Genomics

2. Plant Molecular Biology

3. Molecular Microbiology

4. Molecular Entomology (Malaria and Dengue)

5. Virology and Bioinformatics

6. Bioinformatics  60 days Bioinformatics internship