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Why PhD students suffers ? How we solve PhD problems and provide longtime guidance before, during an

Most of the PhD students suffer with one or the other problems during their PhD. Our aim is to provide not only facility and guidance but also to work on how legally PhD students continue their work even with existing PhD guide or institute. Some of the successful stories from ATG will be shared with aspiring PhD students who need such guidance to solve their issue, including but not limited to lab work, thesis, publications etc.Lack of one or any of below mentioned reasons can pause fast track PhDs:

1. PhD guide is not competent and there is no vision: We made survey on personal interview and came to know single most reason of delaying PhD is Guide. Many small reasons associated with them. No vision what type of outcome will be there and how to tackle if student gets negative results. Lack of art of solving problems in day to day wet lab work as well as communicating to University authorities about extension. Based on ATG's pedogogy, for wet lab troubleshooting we make assessment of lab problem of not getting specific results based on four prominent reasons: "Man, Machine, Technology and Instrument". Based on this troubleshooting principle, we try to resolve issue. We assist all PhD students for following help and guidance at ATG:

1. Finding PhD guide and PhD topic

2. PhD admission procedure

3. PhD extension procedure

4. Help and assistance for Women

5. Help and assistance for PhD special cases

6. Lab facilities for fast publication: genomics

7. Lab facilities for fast publication: bioinfo

8. Lab facilities for fast publication: ELISA

9. Lab facilities for fast publication: PCR

10. Guidance for PhD Re-registration

11. Critical issue related to guide change

12. Legal help and assistance

13. Poster preparation

14. Thesis preparation guidance

15. Manuscript drafting in Plant molecular biology

16. Manuscript drafting in Molecular Microbiology

17. Manuscript drafting in Human Genetics

18. Selection of journal for publication

19. After PhD career guidance

20. Direct contacting International universities for Post Doc studies based on our publications with aspiring post doc from ATG LAB.

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