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Women in Biotech, what we are providing after marriage gap ?

Various Government funding agencies announce fellowships for women scientists to increase women's contribution in science including Biotechnology and Life Sciences. But when married women try to enter in the field, how many R&Ds really help them for their pleasant comeback after significant gap due to marriage, childbirth or any other reason. This is ridiculous contrast.

We are trying to fill this gap by assisting them to regain their self confidence, boost their morale and make them independent in wet lab work. Our special program, Married Women With Academic or Career Gap (ATGC: mostly known as All Time Gap Course) trained many married women and now they are giving their best in science carrier.

We also provide similar kind of services to men who are in long break, in between their career or job loss due to lay off. We assist them to upgrade themselves with tailor made research programs.

For International students and faculties too, we provide effective guidance and are mentoring under "International Faculty Development Programs", "International Training Programs" along with "Biotechnology Training Programs".

Like "ATG", which is an initiation codon, our motto is "Science without border". Now you don't need only Biotech or Life Science to learn lab work. Our special coaching for non-Biotech students and faculty make them confident for entering in the field of Biotech.

Person from Engineering can also learn science, provided they are keen to learn with genuine interest. Most beautiful thing in the World is Human Brain and it is capable of doing all things we assume its "mission everything possible".