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Pallavi Bhattacharjee

Dr. DY Patil Biotechnology and Bioinformatics Institute

Navi Mumbai

Position at ATG Biotech: M.Sc. Research Fellow in

Human Genetic and Genomics (2017-2018)

Current Position: Zydus Cadilla 

It’s was immense pleasure working in ATG Lab for a period of four months for my dissertation project under the expert guidance of Dr.Devendra Lingojwar sir.I carried a research work on “Molecular Characterization of Beta globin gene Exon2 region of Indian Sickle cell patient “.I learnt how to handle bioinformatics tools,DNA Extraction,PCR and many more techniques.Its a good place to work in and learn new techniques and methods.


Lima Hazarika

Position at ATG Biotech: M.Sc. Research Fellow in 

Molecular Microbiology and Faculty for workshop,  training

and project (Jan 2010 to Aug 2011)

Current Position: PhD student RMRC ICMR NE region INDIA

 ATG Biotech in Pune, was my first professional platform in my career. I would always remain thankful to the ATG team. The mission of ATG Biotech is to continuously strive for excellence by exceeding student/customer/employee's expectations in a pleasant environment. Both, the students and the scientists/employee interact and work together to achieve designated goals.

My career got a boost by working in a project, under the supervision of Dr. Devendra Lingojwar. The training, workshops, seminars organised and provided by ATG Biotech are the channels through which one can gain experiences and get updated with the technologies and different molecular techniques. 

I take pride in the commitment of the ATG Biotech, where the quality of the training and services provided is based on the integrity. My requirements as a student as not just met, but exceeded during my association with the lab. 

Thanks and regards, 

Lima Hazarika,

R.M.R.C. Indian Council of Medical Research

N.E. Region, India

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Mohsen Manavi

(International students from Iran),

Nutrigenomics Chamaecostus cuspidatus

First time I went to ATG lab, I had no plan in my head about my future in biotech, but after talking to Dr Lingojwar I got really inspired and motivated hence I decided to conduct a project over there. During this period of time that I worked with Dr Lingojwar not only I learnt many new up to date techniques but also I started loving biotech more than ever, It is all due to his great personality and knowledge and passion for science. All the techniques were taught to me patiently, I got the chance to practice all the techniques over and over. I'd recommend this place to anyone with any project title.


Jasoda Parmar

M.Sc. Biotechnology

Post PG training required for Ph.D.


Current Position: PhD student in SPPU

(Pune University)

I did ATG3 program in ATG lab. I have learned genomics and PCR programming. It was helpfull for my PhD career. ATG lab is providing excellent platform to learn techniques in biotechnology and confidence in instruments handling. I would like to recommend ATG lab for project and training.

Supriya D.jpg

Supriya Dhanmeher

Dr. DY Patil Biotechnology and Bioinformatics Institute

Navi Mumbai

M.Sc. Research Fellow Plant Molecular Biology (2017-2018)

I am blessed to be a part of ATG Lab. This place is pure and fully dedicated towards new work in science. everyone is warmly welcomed by them.. there is no age and knowledge barrier in this lab. they help you with all your concept related to projects as well as clear all the basic concepts. .. a perfect guidance and learning with best techniques and instrumentation knowledge projects training and future guidance is take care by Dr. Devendra Lingojwar and Sarita Lingojwar maam. i couldn't have ask for anything better than this.. thank you amazing support in my work and helping me gain my confidence back 


Chetan Shinde

M.Sc. Biotechnology (2010)

Dr. DY Patil Biotechnology and Bioinformatics Institute, Tathawade, Pune (2010-2011)

M.Sc. Research Fellow in Molecular Microbiology

Current Position: Cole Parmer

ATG people who wants to pursue their BSc , MSc , PhD projects Great Lab to work with. I did my MSc project under the supervision of Dr. Devendra Lingojwar, the man who has complete knowledge of the Field. It was very good experience with ATG Lab. I wish all the best to ATG Lab & Dr. Devendra sir for their future endevour.


Dr. Bassam Khudaier

International Faculty Development Program

(2010 and 2018)

First of all I want to forward my thankfulness to ATG LAB for providing me The intelligent course in Bioinformatics that helped me to improve my skills in genomics.
I would like to appreciate Dr. Devendra Lingojwar for his kinds help, teaching, and giving whatever I needed in this journey. This is my second program after 10 yrs and I appreciate his devotion for providing such rare programs for International faculties. Thank you so much

Associated Prof.
Dr. Bassam Y. Khudaier
Department of Microbiology, College of Vet. Medicine,
University of Basra, Basra, Iraq.


Varsha Shukla

University of Kota, Rajasthan

B.Sc. Biotechnology, Trainee (Aug 2018)

We did atg -9 training programme in ATG BIOTECH. We handled PCR technique gel electrophoresis transformation techniques and gel doc technique. Its a hand on training. Here there is very friendly environment for learning biotech techniques. When I got my first PCR results I feel very excited when I saw the results. Here we learn every particular aspects of handling instruments taking care of every small things. I suggest this course to those who are pursuing bsc or btech in life science they will get benefitted from this course.


Titiksha Verma


Raipur, Chhattisgarh

I did my project training on sickle cell disease from ATG LAB.
It's a good place I liked it because sir and ma'm both are very friendly and supportive They are helped me in my thesis. We worked on wet lab protocols such as ARMS PCR and gene frequency studies. I recommend this lab for Short term training and six months projects. Due to sir and madam we understood sickle cell disease.